:: About Sifu ::
Sifu Fred Grant III
Sifu Fred Grant III, has been
studying the art of Chinese
Kung Fu for over 18 years. He
is a qualified Black Sash
instructor and is currently
studying under Master Steve
Cottrell, direct lineage to the
Wong Hun Fun of Northern
Praying Mantis system, founded
by Wong Long.  Also, currently
studying the art of Traditional
Wing Chun, under Master Keith Mazza.
Sifu Grant has studied under Grandmaster Steven L. Sun
for Tiger/Crane, Sifu Jon Funk for Seven Star Praying
Mantis, Grandmaster Dr. Weng for Shuai Chiao, Master
David Sun for Chinese full contact, and with Master
Timothy J. Perry in the art of Jujitsu.

Sifu Grant took 1st place in point fighting at the 1993
East Coast Championships, and took 2nd in the Nation
in full contact fighting at the 1995 United States Kuoshu
Federation National Tournament in Baltimore, and 1st
place in the 1997 Philadelphia Kick boxing tournament.  
In 2010, Sifu Grant was inducted into the
Fellowship Martial Artists Hall of fame, for Northern
Praying Mantis Sifu of the Year.
Sifu Grant with Grandmaster William
Cheung and Master Keith Mazza
Sifu Grant at the Kuoshu
Sifu Grant teaching at the
Mantis Seminar
In 1989, Sifu Bwint, won his first "A" rated National
tournament in Atlantic City for point sparring, and has
placed 2nd in the Nation (1995) for advanced two-man
weapons set at USCKF (beating out the US National
Champion). In 1999 he won the silver at the
International USCKF light contact sparring.

Sifu Bwint is a qualified Black Sash Instructor.   He also
studied under top masters in the world; such as, Master
Lou De Xiu for Ba Gua Zhang, Master Paul Sun for
Northern Praying Mantis, Grandmaster Steven L. Sun
for Southern Tiger/Crane style, Grandmaster Weng for
Shuai Chiao.
Sifu Sal Bwint
Sifu Sal Bwint has been training
over 18 years in Chinese Martial
Arts. He started training while
attending Temple University as
an Architect major, where he
graduated in 1990. He has
successfully placed first in
sparring and forms competitions
in every division.
Master Luo is one of the world’s foremost experts in the
Chinese Internal Martial and Healing Arts
.  Mr. Levin
has also had the privilege of studying with some of the
last generation of masters in Beijing, Hong Kong and
Taiwan while doing research for the Pa Kua Journal
magazine. While living in Taipei, Taiwan, Mr. Levin
also had the opportunity to study Traditional Chinese
Medicine at the Yu Sheng Osteological Clinic under
Dr. Lee Chen Yr.
Mr. Levin believes that the Chinese Internal Martial
and Healing Arts should be taught without the vague,
mysterious shroud that usually accompanies the Western
idea of these disciplines. Mr. Levin’s research and
practice of the Chinese Martial and Healing Arts, along
with his training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, gives
him the ability to explain internal theory, proper body
mechanics, health benefits and fighting theory in a way
that is clear and easy to understand.
Shifu Robert Levin has been
studying the Chinese Internal
Martial and Healing Arts for over
20 years. He is a senior student
and teacher of the YiZong school
of Gao style Baguazhang and
Hebei style Xingyiquan under
Master Luo De Xiu of Taipei,
Shifu Robert Levin